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Routine starting

Monday, August 23rd, 2021


  1. Next month my healthcare starts. This means I can start seeing a therapist for counseling and restart my anti-anxiety medication.
  2. I now work Tuesday through Saturday. This gives me two days off. It is helping me a lot. My hours a bit more set with some ability to understand if there is an on-site apartment complex emergency, I can get overtime hours.
  3. I have finished the paperwork for Phase 2 of the divorce. Jack and I sign off on it this Wednesday and then submit it to the court system. If I managed to do the paperwork correctly, we only have one more phase to get through before the divorce is final.
  4. Jack is talking about wanting to date “other women.” YES!!! Please!!!
  5. Pray for me to write the written economic agreement between Jack and I regarding bills, credit card debt, etc.
  6. Building up a new neighborhood watch is quite fun.
  7. I am sleeping more consistently. I am dreaming again.
  8. Last night I dreamed about getting a Queen’s gown. The lady that was helping me with the costume had an authentic one. The dress had 5 layers! (Including the evil corset-like thingie.) It was odd. The dress was purple and trimmed with gold. But it was a good dream. Running in that dress seems impossible to fathom while awake, yet I did it in my sleep a few times.