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My antivirus vs wordpress

Monday, January 24th, 2022

So, I haven’t been able to log in (or I thought I was unable to log in) as each time I logged in, I saw only a blank screen. I turned off my VPN, and now my blog is functioning again.

So updates:

  1. Survived holidays. I lived.
  2. Job: Not happy. We just had two weeks of a living nightmare of a tenant who purposely and specifically targeted me after I had night security remind him of “quiet hours” actually being a law in the state of California. He then made a bunch of threats on camera. However, our local cops are under orders not to arrest for anything other than violent felonies or like suicide watch. Basically, by the end of two weeks — three tenants filed complaints and asked for restraining orders against this person and we called 911 on him 14 times. He was served an actual 3-day eviction notice. However, my fellow co-worker and case manager, managed to help advocate to the head of our company for him. Last Friday, the head of the company sent out a “I had a talk with this man. He verbally agreed with me that he wouldn’t harass, threaten, ect. He gets to stay.” I nearly fell over. Since when is the verbal agreement from a drug addict mean anything? Anyway … my job description is actually not a property manager but a step under a case manager. So, as soon as #3 goes … I will be moving off site. My neighbors deal drugs out of their apartments. The lease is a joke. Hilariously enough, I actually do NOT have a signed copy of a lease. It disappeared when the last head of HR quit without notice — as did many of my tenant leases. … so… number
  3. Refinance: I have had a job over six months. My ex has permanent SSDI. We now can qualify for a refinance with withdrawing equity. Preliminary paperwork aside, we will be able to pull out enough cash for my ex to get a new roof on the house and pay off all our common debt. (I will only owe on my one credit card). …. So basically, it will separate all the bills between us. I will still have to keep my ex housed. And pay 1/3 of the mortgage, but it will clear a LOT of the bills that just eat up any extra income I think I have.
  4. My ex kicked out one tenant for using an illegal narcotic. He had another potential tenant until two nights ago, when that tenant “stole” from him to buy alcohol and got very drunk and inappropriate. My ex said he went to church he was so pissed off. He is kicking that tenant out. There is no lease, so he is giving him till the end of the month to leave. I.e. Jack has no tenant …. so he has no disposable income. however …
  5. I managed to get all the finances caught up and two weeks ahead on everything. I literally will have no spare budget and/or no food budget, but I can keep everything caught up and paid until my ex finds a tenant, we get the refinance and/or tax returns. I.e. I can keep us afloat because I am amazing at finances and planning ahead for disaster.
  6. I am in the process of figuring out how to do the tax returns. The good news is the
  7. House appraisals cost will go into the refinance costs. So we do not have to come up with $850. Bad news is
  8. I still basically do not have a doctor. I found a lady doctor. I had an actual physical check up. She ordered blood work. The vampires took 9 vials of my blood. (Since my ex was unfaithful, they are checking everything!) She convinced me to stop taking melatonin to sleep. I have cut back from 3 gummies a night to just 3 total gummies in two full weeks. (I have started actually having lucid dreams again as well. Those have been fun.) I then found out that even though this lady can work as a primary care, my insurance company will not accept her as a primary care. So after my next appointment, I cannot go back to her without every visit costing around $200 out of pocket. At this point in time, my only doctor option is the Emergency Rooms or $200 out of pocket. If I had no insurance, I could actually get a primary care physician. But my Blue Shield insurance is not accepted in this area. The nearest available doctor is a a 45 mile drive into the hills. Easily enough if I had a car …
  9. I still have no car. My head is above water, but I cannot make enough to actually save anything. I think I have $25 in savings right now, and I am very proud of that.
  10. Tigger is doing very well. He loves the heating pad to sleep on when the days are cold. Lately our weather is dry, warm and over fifty degrees.
  11. It was great to talk to you Dad. I have missed you so very much.
  12. I am trying to call one family member a week. I have been successful one of four weeks. (see #11)

Hmm. I cannot think of anything else pertinent.