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Monday, February 14th, 2022
  1. I got my taxes done. Since I was still legally married to Matthew/Jack through last year, I just filed our taxes together. Easier.
  2. I made copies of all the documents the mortgage lady required to start the refinance and turned them all into her.
  3. This allowed me to get the paperwork Matthew/Jack needs to take to Redding to get his back SSDI payments. (As the state has this wonderful way of the right hand having no clue what the left hand is doing. Agencies do not communicate well with one another — in our/his case: SSDI and UI.)
  4. Matthew/Jack has decided not to get a tenant for a few months until the refinance home inspection occurs.
  5. Strider, our missing cat, has never returned. He has been missing since September of last year. I hope he is happy and loved wherever his big cute kitty butt is currently residing. I still wish I could find him to bring him to Tigger, but that ship has sailed.
  6. I got exposed to COVID last Wednesday, so I basically have been in isolation until I can get a COVID test this afternoon. I have felt fine the whole time. I have had no COVID symptoms; however, the shot makes those symptoms less severe. I am a walking carrier of the plague. (dum. dum. dummmmm.) Good news: I have the sick pay and plenty of vacation hours to cover this. Bad news: five days in a two room apartment has made me stir crazy.
  7. I deep cleaned my whole apartment. I went through food by prepping it or throwing away long expired items.
  8. I got tall the bills paid for the month except a couple hundred of the mortgage.
  9. …. Job. Is … I could care less about it. Hard to stay motivated when my safety is NOT their concern.
  10. Since I have been off the last 5 days, I have no idea what has been happening. I think I had no security the past five days because two of them were the ones that tested positive for COVID (which started this whole mess).
  11. I am having a lot of nightmares again.
  12. My anxiety is up as I am planning to see the lady who let me live with her and keep Tigger. (My first sign of hope when I was homeless.) I go to visit her this next Sunday. I am super nervous about it. She literally saw me, sheltered me when I was more than half out of my mind.
  13. Lockdown caused me to miss my laundry day and check cashing day, so I’ll be wearing my panties inside out. Or when I decide to stop being so lazy, I’ll wash a set of them with hot water in the sink.