Well “furk” me …

I had two separate admin tell me before moving in that “no registered” or “violent offenders” would be allowed into this property. My night security started researching tenants. They sent me a screenshot of one of my tenants being a PC 290 from an article less than a year ago in our local paper.

I wrote my boss because of being told the above. Her response: we do not do background checks on people. We are on of the only low-barrier service providers. Then I was ordered to shred paperwork and remove information from company devices.

Are you fucking kidding me?

  1. I was lied to about the clientele moving into my apartment complex.
  2. This company has refused to provide me with a door chain, a peep hole or a security door.
  3. Am I living near violent sexual offenders — like rapists?
  4. We have an apartment complex less that 50 yards from this property with children living in it.
  5. I have female tenants that are unable to defend themselves at night (physical disabilities).

I am seething. I am trying to maintain control of emotions and just think, but all I find myself doing is taking deep breaths.

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  1. Annabelle says:

    Well …

    I am trying to log in to update. I finally got the toaster oven set up. But when I log in — black void.

    Implying either a hack … a bot. or … just …. grrr

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