1.) It got approved. Over the weekend, I signed all the e-documents for both Jack and I.

2.) It is significantly a help. Most of the credit debit will be paid off while our home loan drops by half-a-percentage point and the home payment goes up by less than $100 (including taxes and fees on the home). It is also a fifteen-year loan rather than a thirty.

3.) Since we are using the same company, home owner’s insurance does not change.

4.) I think we are waiting for the house appraisal? I am somewhat confused because I was able to sign the e-documents beforehand, but maybe that was the step needed for her to send out the appraiser. This is actually the longest part of a home-buying / refinance process in my area as only one lady does most of this county.

5.) Tigger is a -okay. We are getting more sun, so he is sleeping in his window hide-a-bed spot. He is starting to lose his winter coat. Thankfully, I have a pet hair attachment to the vacuum. So much hair.

6.) I still do not have a primary care physician. I give up on finding one in the Eureka/Arcata area. I can drive out to Willow Creek to get a doctor at that location, but I do not have a car. I think that is a four-hour one-way bus drive. I actually should look up what it takes to get there.

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    good luck dear

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