End of March

  1. Refinance is good to go. All documentation and credit reports have been checked and passed. Final paperwork has been submitted. After it is approved, we go in to pick interest rates and sign new title / deed.
  2. My job: Still no working job title. Did find out that in the state of California, if you have an apartment complex with 12 units or more (this has 18), that someone is required to live on site. Not sure why I cannot get a job description to match.
  3. Tigger: Good. Happy. Sunbeams are back. He is loving sitting in his box in the window. He is losing his winter coats which is difficult for me. There is so much hair to clean up.
  4. Doctor: I still do not have one.
  5. Insurance: I still have it. No doctor basically means my only options are walk-in clinics and/or ER.
  6. OBGYN: Got all my tests results back on my body / boobs. Everything is good and within normal ranges.
  7. Depression / Anxiety: I still struggle a lot with this. Being able to walk around in public without a mask on is helping me a ton.

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  1. Patty Gallia says:

    Glad u are doing better. As Mom would say, keep your chin up.

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