Weird tummy issues

I started not digesting food. IT was passing through me in a matter of 15 minutes. (Think of a forced cleanse.) I was able to retain water and not throwing up. I took a COVID test on Thursday just to be sure — clear.

But it wiped me out.

By Sunday I felt like I had just been run over by a semi after running a marathon. I have been slowly working my way back to foods. (I was on broth for almost 3 full days). A neighbor gave me homemade sourdough — that was pretty easy and light on my stomach. (No butter)

Tigger lost a claw on my arm today. He was playing and raked and umm … yeah. I have these nice six-inch-long claw lines now.

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  1. Patricia A Gallia says:

    Hope you are feeling better by now. Stomach bugs were a flu going around. Now were into June hope you are able to get out and enjoy the spring weather. Spring is my favorite time of the year when everything is green green green. All my flowers are planted and my garden is planted so today Sunday June 5 is going to be bill day. Take care and miss you. Oh maybe you need a motorized bike that goes faster than a bike but you could go farther. Aunt Patty

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