Excited / Nervous

He is coming. Second week in July (more like the 2nd into the third week). He rented a local motel. I have set up a lunch with Ish. (Ish has requested an hour alone after we meet with him to “talk with” him.) I also wanted to do a dinner with Elise and her family. He wanted to thank her in person for housing me for six months.

But he is coming. It will let me know the next phase. The next steps … which direction I head towards.

I really want to call you, Dad, when he is with me. And possibly Aunt Patty, so you all can see him face to face. Or at least talk with him for a few minutes.

I will figure it out.

Good news: I have over a week off during this time period. Him renting a vehicle means I can travel to the redwoods.

2 Responses to “Excited / Nervous”

  1. dad says:

    just call me

  2. Annabelle says:

    Okay. I will dad.

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