And everything changes …

My work let me know that they are … gonna help me move. But as of the end of next month, my job will no longer exists in this company. I currently have two choices.

  1. My current boss has connection with a company called Veyo in Windsor, Connecticut. He can get me a job there. I have never lived there. I think my Father is somewhere nearby that but honestly I am too panicked to clearly remember my Dad’s location. (Gronton … like less distance than Redding to Eureka.) Veyo also gives me the chance to actually have a job that transfers somewhere else. I wonder how close I am to Aunt Patty up there?

or option

2. Chris is in Alabama. I move there. No guarantee of a job. But Chris is there. I can move to the town where he works and work at … … sigh.

Chris is visiting this weekend. We were in debate about him doing that because he could help me with the cash to move. But my work offered to cover the cost of the U-Haul.

I need help making a decision. Call me. Write here.

2 Responses to “And everything changes …”

  1. dad says:

    phone saids 1 hour away , patty 3-4 hours away. love ya dad

  2. Annabelle says:

    Wow. That is very close.

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