Dear All,

So my boss said I could file for unemployment. I am going to do that ahead of time and make my last day will be no the 12th of August. However, he kept telling me to file unemployment as “relocation.” I kept telling him that if I did that, I would not qualify.

I finally looked up the CA code today and it said:


E. Relocation – Failure to Request Transfer

You quit your last job with (employer name) because you were moving. You did not request a transfer. After considering available information, the Department finds that you do not meet the legal requirements for payment of benefits.

I do not understand people. I am going to file that I was fired and a robot took my job on site. (An like trailer with a security system that is monitored off site by a security company.

————– SECONDLY ———

I am route planning. It looks like it is going to take me 6 days to travel across county. I am not doing more than 9 hours of driving a day (I have one near 10 hours, but I just have to make that. Please remember, I am like my mother in that I am not found of driving.) The plan so far is to stay along major freeways and to NOT tell motels about Tigger (just bring him into the place overnight). I am thinking of doing this:

  1. Eureka, CA. to Reno, NV (approximately 6 hours first day. But this is fine because I have to pack the vehicle the morning that I drive.)
  2. Reno, NV. to Salt Lake City: 8.5 hours driving.
  3. Salt Lake City to Denver: 8.21 hours (this is going to be a tough drive)
  4. Denver to Oklahoma City: 9.51 hours (I have to. This is the only real town …)
  5. Oklahoma City to Memphis, TN: 6.49 hours of driving
  6. Memphis, TN. to Alabama: 4.45 hours of driving

I’ll get up early to drive to Alabama as that will be inspection and signing my lease to move-in day.


oh dear God … help.

————– THIRDLY ———

My work is paying for my u-haul trailer one way.

If anyone wants to send me cash or help out with the motels along the way — let me know. I can use every dollar. I am terrified of fuel costs, but I keep reminding myself — I am not on a major freeway in California anymore, so, hopefully, fuel is not $6 a gallon.

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