When the sky falls down

I found out three things today.

  1. I got approved for the apartment.
  2. My work is covering my ticket to fly me out there.
  3. My work is covering a u-haul storage crate so I get to keep my things.

I literally almost bawled like a baby. Part of my deep depression and overwhelming anxiety the last 8 days was facing the reality that if I am flown, I will lose pretty much everything – again. And trying to figure out where to store my mother’s hope chest — full of the only things I couldn’t throw away. But I don’t have to think that way anymore.

Tonight, I can sleep. No more throwing up from panic attacks two times a day.

The only thing I have to do now is figure out the lease and ummm … then schedule an appointment for Tigger with the vet (as he’ll have to be seen by a vet 10 days before the flight (to update his rabies — his last show was a year and a month ago and to get him some kind of kitty benadryl for the flight.)

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