Sword on Fire Dream and swamp houses

October 24th, 2022

So, I dreamed last night. Been a long, long, long time since I accessed the dream realm and dreamed on a consistent basis.

In my dream, these oddly humanoid shapes (two legs, torso, head thigie) started wandering around the earth. They would attack a human — and kinda absorb part of that human onto them. As the monsters absorbed more and more humans, they became more and more grotesque and deformed. The monsters came after me, so I ran. And in typical INFJ fashion, I didn’t start fighting until the monstrosities attacked someone other than myself.

At that point, I turned and raised a sword I was carrying. (I have no idea why I was carrying a sword.) But a sword literally couldn’t cut them. I watched other people with swords fight them and the “blobs” just absorbed the swords.

Well, I remember looking at my sword in the dream and then looking at the monsters. And then telling my sword to “alight.” And my sword caught on fire — like a spiritual fire. I had no issues killing the monsters at that point.

Second dream. I was in a community. It was odd because everyone seemed to know each other. Well, a good friend of mine — we blackmailed? (someone had something the head honcho wanted and traded that to him) for her to have the best house in the neighborhood. She got this beautiful 3-story house with all the upgrades. I was so happy for her and her family. Plus, it was fully paid off.

Sick …

October 21st, 2022

So, I am finally catching my first cold in Hawaii. My throat is sore. My ear hurts. I am sneezing non-stop. (No, it is NOT Covid.)

My housemate has a procedure soon (this next week). So, we are playing the “no contact” as I am feeling unwell.


October 19th, 2022

So after a few days, the only thing that is really hurting after falling down the stairs is my pinky. It was slightly dislocated after I fell, but I managed to pop it back into socket. Well, it is sorer than ****** today.

Typing hurts.

It is beach day!


October 18th, 2022

This is Whisper. She is 18-years-old. No teeth. Extremely territorial. She has renal failure. We are making her as comfortable as possible.

Yes. He bought me a copy of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion.


October 18th, 2022

My long term goal is to get Tigger here — Hawaii. Right now, the State of Hawaii will ONLY let “certified service animals” fly in on a commercial airline. Emotional support animals do NOT count as a certified service animal.

The only way to get Tigger here is to wait until Hawaii changes it protocols or fly him privately.

The bigger issue: Tigger is living indoors right next to my ex. And Lizzy (does everyone remember Lizzy? She is the brilliant little tuxedo rescue that climbs trees, loves to swim, leash trained and will poop and pee with other dogs.) Anyway, Ish leaves his backdoor open. Lizzy came in and found Tigger. Tigger was always her friend. She loved to cuddle him.

I just want to get Tigger out before my ex realizes Tigger is next door. I do not want to put more pressure on Ish. Ish has done so much for me.

Plan: Private company to fly Tigger out here. It’ll take a few thousand dollars. At least he has both of his shots. And, since we know he is coming — I can order that odd blood test for him and pay Ish to do it.