Weird tummy issues

May 24th, 2022

I started not digesting food. IT was passing through me in a matter of 15 minutes. (Think of a forced cleanse.) I was able to retain water and not throwing up. I took a COVID test on Thursday just to be sure — clear.

But it wiped me out.

By Sunday I felt like I had just been run over by a semi after running a marathon. I have been slowly working my way back to foods. (I was on broth for almost 3 full days). A neighbor gave me homemade sourdough — that was pretty easy and light on my stomach. (No butter)

Tigger lost a claw on my arm today. He was playing and raked and umm … yeah. I have these nice six-inch-long claw lines now.

Odd month

May 23rd, 2022

Just odd. Looking ahead not behind. Picking and choosing paths. Not paying out the wazzzoooo in debts.
I am fine. I think.
Tigger is good.

It is weird to actually be able to save up money. I know I only post once a month, but I am here.

I still need to meet with Jack two more times. Once to break up two accounts at the bank. We signed them together, so to get rid of them we both need to be there as well.

Outside of that … I am just living. And starting to look to the path ahead. Directions are unclear. (At least they are no longer muddled by the feeling of drowning.)

I am now

April 28th, 2022

100 % credit debt free.

I didn’t write for a while because I was waiting on the refinance to go through. It almost did twice, but there were two hiccups that caused me mild heart attacks. However, it eventually went through. All the paperwork is signed. The house valued at better than expected. I got to pay off one very high balance credit card.

My ex requested we pay off the debt together, so that he could see it paid off. I get that as some of the bills were very large.

… I have no debt except the mortgage. All-well … it is not much. Not compared to one credit card having $325 in interest accrued ALONE each month.

…. I am debt free.

I am not drowning in debt.


I might actually be able to start saving up for a vehicle.

End of March

March 26th, 2022
  1. Refinance is good to go. All documentation and credit reports have been checked and passed. Final paperwork has been submitted. After it is approved, we go in to pick interest rates and sign new title / deed.
  2. My job: Still no working job title. Did find out that in the state of California, if you have an apartment complex with 12 units or more (this has 18), that someone is required to live on site. Not sure why I cannot get a job description to match.
  3. Tigger: Good. Happy. Sunbeams are back. He is loving sitting in his box in the window. He is losing his winter coats which is difficult for me. There is so much hair to clean up.
  4. Doctor: I still do not have one.
  5. Insurance: I still have it. No doctor basically means my only options are walk-in clinics and/or ER.
  6. OBGYN: Got all my tests results back on my body / boobs. Everything is good and within normal ranges.
  7. Depression / Anxiety: I still struggle a lot with this. Being able to walk around in public without a mask on is helping me a ton.


March 8th, 2022

1.) It got approved. Over the weekend, I signed all the e-documents for both Jack and I.

2.) It is significantly a help. Most of the credit debit will be paid off while our home loan drops by half-a-percentage point and the home payment goes up by less than $100 (including taxes and fees on the home). It is also a fifteen-year loan rather than a thirty.

3.) Since we are using the same company, home owner’s insurance does not change.

4.) I think we are waiting for the house appraisal? I am somewhat confused because I was able to sign the e-documents beforehand, but maybe that was the step needed for her to send out the appraiser. This is actually the longest part of a home-buying / refinance process in my area as only one lady does most of this county.

5.) Tigger is a -okay. We are getting more sun, so he is sleeping in his window hide-a-bed spot. He is starting to lose his winter coat. Thankfully, I have a pet hair attachment to the vacuum. So much hair.

6.) I still do not have a primary care physician. I give up on finding one in the Eureka/Arcata area. I can drive out to Willow Creek to get a doctor at that location, but I do not have a car. I think that is a four-hour one-way bus drive. I actually should look up what it takes to get there.