Sunday … funday

September 25th, 2022

Today was hot. I was hot at 2AM. I awakened at 5AM covered in sweat even though my small fan was in my window.


We made another vehicle trash run today (broken mattress, destroyed window fan, and the expired baking goods that we sorted through). Then we went to a local hardware store. I found a window cooling unit. Maybe tonight I can sleep longer than two hours.

I am used to 55. It has been 80 here at night. And my windows are always open. Last night was worse because there was no wind.

I did do church (kinda) online this AM. I got bored after 35 minutes and wandered off.

Wet Heat

September 24th, 2022

Well. This place is so different. Wet heat.

Today I was cleaning out one of the two other bedrooms on the same floor as me. He has ummm …. 5 spare rooms. I figured having one for a guest and one for storage would be a great idea.

What is it with computer programmer’s and clutter? Or collecting things? Or having like 10 of the same item? Or not cleaning. hmmmm …. Yes, my sister Chrysoula that is directed at you. Or having like 3000 music CDs (all online because that is how we operate in this era.)

So, I got the second spare bedroom all cleaned out. We’ll use it as storage as (ahem) he is figuring out what can be thrown out, donated, sold, or taken to the trash dump.

That is another odd thing here: if you take your trash to the city dump — it is free to dump. Free. F.R.E.E. I have never seen that. I guess dumping is a major problem here. So far we have dumped four car loads. (One dump run was expired cans of food and/or things that had sulfur/sulfa/sulfites in them.)

Anyway, I sweat a bunch. Dripping buckets. Which is only harder because I have 3 outfits.

Also today: I figured out how to start shipping my stuff here. It is gonna take a bit — Mid November to get here, but at least I’ll have clothing by the holidays. (If it does not run late.)


September 24th, 2022

I guess my housemate has a subscription. Yesterday, he shared the access with me. So I spent most of the day making a playlist and singing songs.

It actually was wonderful. I had no idea I could find songs via anime or tv shows. (I rarely remember names of songs or people/bands that created a song.)

Today is shopping day. And trying to clean up the house a bit a more as it looks to be a little cooler. Check that. It looks to be near 80 again today.

I literally am …. struggling. But day by day.

Bird by bird.

One foot in front of the other.

I want to go to a local pet rescue center to see if I can find a cat. I need something to cuddle.

Nursery rhymes

September 16th, 2022

So, I have had that sing-songie little nursery rhyme in my head over the last week: London Bridge is falling down, falling down …

I do not sugar coat anything.

Chris was an absolute lie.

Yes. Was. Yes. Was.

He committed suicide on the umm …. I believe it was the 1st of September, but it looks like the coroner placed his date of death on the 4th of September.

It was while calling the county where I thought he had disappeared that a detective called me back and informed me that:

(1) He owned a house.

(2) There was a woman living there that claimed to be his fiance.

It was after they found his body in a ravine with a gunshot in his head that a Col., 2 Lt. Cols, and the head MP for the state met with me to figure out how Chris was living “three lives.” Talk about humiliation and embarrassment. The other woman HAD a ring on her finger from him. Plus, I was “asked” not to go to his funeral or contact his family because it would cause them too much pain. … I cannot even begin to describe COVID with a lover’s suicide (I, at least, loved him).

Well. He was on the lease. (Which I broke.) He was on the water and electricity.

I ended up fleeing. I couldn’t stay there. It cost me Tigger. I dropped him off with a friend in SF0 who took him to Ish (my old next door neighbor in Eureka). Ish also has Meeshka. Then I took a plane off the continental United States to a place where I can heal for the next year. I won’t own rent. I literally have an entire floor of a 2 1/2 story house to myself. I have my own bathroom. I have a dead bolt on my door. I’ll show pictures.

My own stupidity and incompetence cost me the only thing I loved … Tigger. All well. I am gonna kidnap into the house a local feral cat named “Alex” here.

I have the same phone number, but please note I am in a much earlier time zone than USA. I.e. Call me in your afternoon. I am also very jet lagged. (I am aching hurting today.)

I went to a Bible Study last night. I actually got ravenously hungry today and ate most of a Hawaiian pizza by myself. Yesterday and today were the first time in 18 days that I have had any sense of hunger.

Yes, Dad. Call me.

Being sick …. stinks

September 11th, 2022

I actually did test positive for COVID last week. I could tell because of my bowl movements that something was not right. I’ve since tested clear 2x, but I still am very weak.

I have no sense of taste still. That is very odd. Very odd. I know things should have taste, but I cannot taste things. (I hear this is very common, and I should get this back over the next two months.) I also am not hungry very much as I am not that physically active. I know I lost a bit a weight over the last two weeks from being sick with covid flu crud.

Tigger is great. We play chase around the house. He is being “super guard kitty.” He lets me know whenever he sees a local cat come anywhere near this location. (I confess that I did put a can of his wet cat food outside for a kitten — oh boy — I do not think Tigger has forgiven me for that. I only did it once. I won’t do it again now that I found that cat’s owner is a few apartment’s down the way.)

Anyway, I am able to hold down food. Water. Pedalytes have helped my body a ton.

Not much more to type. I’ll try to update a bit next week. It should be easier then.